Happy Horse Collection 2021

The very newest Happy Horse stuffed animals will soon be available at the Knuffelwebshop

Zebra Ziggy Happy HorsePig Perry Happy horseBear BradleyMouse MistyCow CasperStork SkySeahorse ShivaElephant Emily

Zebra Ziggi | Pig Perry | Bear Bradley | Mouse Misty | Cow Casper | Stork Sky | Seahorse Shiva | Elephant Emily |

Comfy PumaZebra ZacElephant EddyDuck Twine

 Comfy Puma | Comfy Monkey | Zebra Zac | Elefephant Eddy | Duck Twine | Rabbit Richie Green | Rabbbit Ricchie Old Pink | Camel Clifford


Happy Horse Collection autumn 2019

 Lama Lily | Lama Lush | Lama Linden knuffeldoekjes